How to capture High Quality images?

How to capture High Quality images ?

To learn how to capture clinically useful images - please see the short video below, or read the explanation under the video.

There are four basic steps to follow to ensure your images will be of high quality:


  • Make sure the EVA Device is connected firmly to the stand and that the stand is stable.

  • To further ensure the images captured are without blur, use the “hand gesture” capture feature available through the app. Click here to see in detail about the handwave gesture.


  • Before you start the examination make sure the light source is turned on.
  • Illuminate the cervix at a direct angle, making sure all 4 quadrants are visible and illuminated.


When holding the EVA System Device, do not block the light-source with your finger.
Image Image


At the start of the examination make sure the fine focus wheel, found at the tip of the lens, is turned all the way out (clockwise).

  • Position the EVA device at a comfortable working distance, that is between 22-42 cms away from the patient).
  • Once the device is positioned correctly, further tune the focus by turning the focus wheel to the right or to the left.

We recommend that you start up close to the patient and move away until the image is in focus. If you do not follow the above steps, your image may be fully or partially out of focus.

Positioning of the cervix :

In-order to position the cervix in the right angle and capture a clinically useful, position the device so that the image includes:

  1. The OS of the cervix is centered
  2. The cervix fills the entire screen
  3. All the four quadrants of the cervix are illuminated and
  4. The Vaginal walls are retracted

Image Image


  • Notice you can magnify further, by pinching the screen with your fingers in or out.

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