How to use the EVA portal?

How to use the EVA Portal?

Once you successfully login into the Portal (after entering your email ID and password), you can view the list of all the cases you have performed using the EVA System with the annotations and the examination notes.
You can see the short video or follow the steps below :

To search for patient records :

Enter the patient name or medical record number by typing in the search field at the top of the screen and click enter. The relevant results will be presented on the screen.


Patient examination records :
1. In the patient examination record, all the information collected about the patient during the examination is displayed: patient details, documentation of the exam, images, annotations and history of present illness.

2. You can edit the patient details such as medical record number, name, date of birth and phone, Documentation and History of present illness.


3. You can also add notes in the end of the report under 'Clinician's notes'


4. To learn how to export/download the report : Click here

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